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Special Services

Bracelet Sizing

Since each of us is a unique individual, the size and shape of our wrists varies as much as the jewellery designs. To measure your wrist for a bracelet, use a soft tailor's measuring tape, or simply a piece of string. Measure about an inch (2.5 cm) above the wrist bone. If using string, just lay the string beside a ruler to see the exact size of your wrist. This is the measurement I need to make your bracelet just the right fit for you. And we don't charge extra for getting it right.

Necklace Sizing

Each necklace pictured on my website is labelled with its length in inches. But you may wish to receive your design in a shorter or longer length depending on the shape of your body, your personal preferred style, or the neckline of the clothing you are likely to accessorize with this necklace. So feel free to request a particular length.

To be sure it's just right for you, measure with a tailor's tape, or use string. Drape it around your neck in just the way you would like it to be. If using string, lay it alongside a ruler or carpenter's tape to learn the length you have chosen. When you order a customized length necklace, the price will usually be a little lower if significantly shorter than the pictured necklace, and a little higher if significantly longer than the pictured design.

Sensitive Skin? Metal Allergies?

Honica earrings are generally comfortable for even the most sensitive skin. All pierced posts are Titanium, which is totally non-allergic (better, in fact, than gold).

  • In the "Antiqued" collections, the hook earrings all have Titanium hooks. In the "Gold" collections I use gold-filled hooks- these have such a thick layer of 12 karat gold over the base metal that they are also usually suitable for allergic skin. But, at your request, I can always change gold-filled hooks to Titanium hooks at no charge.
  • Clip earrings - the adjustable screw-type clips I use are ordinary gilt over base metal. If you have trouble with these, I can cover them with jeweller's lacquer- this will prevent any metal from touching your ears. Or, you can do this yourself at home by brushing on a layer of clear nail polish.

Earrings - Pierced or Clips?

Most of the earring designs shown on my website are available as pierced-posts, pierced-hooks, or adjustable clips. Phone or email me if you would like to receive your earring order as other than described on the photo page.

Lost an Earring?

It happens more often than any of us would imagine... you lose one earring. And you hope for one replacement. But unfortunately it's not that simple.

I offer a total of more than 800 different earring designs, so to be able to be ready to fill orders quickly, I have to manage my production time carefully. In experimenting over the years, I discovered that to try to match one person's one earring is more time consuming than making a whole new pair (if indeed the design is still available).

So, one earring or a pair- it's the same price. But here's the silver lining- now you'll have 3 earrings, and if you ever lose one again, you'll still have a pair!