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About Honica

A Life Filled with Art

For the past thirty years, Honica’s passion has been jewellery. Always innovative, Honica’s award winning work has received fabulous reviews for many years and in many places.

In 1991, she was named Accessories Designer of the Year at western Canada’s prestigious Power and Passion Show. In 1988, her work was featured at the gala opening of the international theatrical production of Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber. She was commissioned to design a jewellery piece for each of the five hundred gala dinner guests, each piece based on characters in the play.

As the former head of design for Purple Cat Jewellery, her work was sold in the USA through Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as other select boutiques and galleries across America.

Each piece of her work is unique and hand crafted. Honica works each metal piece, each spiral, each stone individually. A single metal component may undergo eight separate hand processes before it is ready to be featured in the finished composition. Metals and stones may be tumbled, patinaed, polished, forged, antiqued, acid-dipped, melted, molded, bleached, brushed, sanded... well, you get the idea.

Each piece of jewellery is an original design. Each one made for you, by hand.

Honica's Inspiration

Inspiration — “My love of nature profoundly affects my view of the world and of myself in it. The opportunity I have to enjoy the natural world, to be inspired by it and to use the materials it offers, respectfully and creatively, is an endless delight.

“I have never outgrown my childhood habit of filling my pockets with bits of bark and bone, feathers or stone when I roam the woods or ocean shores. But I’m not really a collector.

"I’m a maker. I have plans. No matter that it may take me another 25 years to include just that bit of speckled stone in a piece of jewellery—I store it away in one of the hundreds of boxes and drawers, packed from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, in my studio.

“My studio faces the Colquitz River, with a view of towering spruce and arbutus, with ocean and islands nearby. My surroundings become part of the inspiration for my work which tends to be lyrical, organic and complex.

“I design jewellery in collections, which I name to reflect their central essence. In this way, I make groups of jewellery, each having their own distinct character. It is important to me that people enjoy it as a visual and a tactile feast.

“Knowing that people will always express their individuality with their own unique approach to personal adornment gives me wonderful scope—I feel that the opportunities are truly limitless. I feel that even if I should live to be 100 years old, I would never run out of ideas nor out of appreciation for the possibilities.”