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Silver Mist

Silver Mist

Summer is gone. So long awaited and then quickly past. This is the essential melancholy of autumn, that we mourn the approaching loss of the sun's warmth and light.

Even so, fall has always been my favourite season. Bike rides and walks with my dog Rupp are quieter now, and often, softly grey. Early morning mists sift down through the trees to drizzle diamond droplets onto grass stems. Shards of light pierce the clouds as fog horns boom in the heavy, silent air.

This season of transition has many moods. Its clear, cold nights paint the trees brilliant hues, then its stormy turbulence may strip these leaves from their bony branches in a single afternoon.

But, with this jewellery collection, I want to express the gentle grey neutrals of early morning, when vapours obscure distant details and, for a moment at least, the sun breaks through to create jewels of bright prisms all around.