New Jewellery Added! Unique Handmade Jewelry from an Artisan | Designed for You!


I felt like an author losing control of her characters. One day I was designing a Passion for Purple necklace, and I happened to have Spiced Gold on the adjoining table. Well! There was no keeping them apart—it was love at first sight. Less than nine days later, Gloriana was born. 

The perfect pairing of purple with the lavish luxury of spiced gold produced a portrait of royalty, with gloriously opulent colours, and deeply dramatic textures.

Austrian crystals gilded with real gold, burnished bronze pearls, hand-made glass, luxurious amethyst and the occasional drop of golden amber come together in glorious fusion with hand-worked, antiqued, polished brass. As always, I make each piece of jewellery entirely by hand, each necklace and bracelet has its own unique identity, and I make each earring to follow my own original design.

Reach for the radiance of royalty—arrive in a blaze of glory.