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On a magical winter day in 1984, in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, we discovered a spectacular "iceberg" which had formed when the giant aquaduct from the Kananaskis Lakes sprayed water from its cracks and created frozen blue mountains shining in the sun. In that solitude of ice and deep, deep snow, the world was hushed and perfect.

The memories and photos we cherish of that experience provides the perfect inspiration for this jewellery, and bear a direct relationship to the stones I have chosen for the designs.

I complement the subtle hues of these cool colours with warm tones of brass which texture, forge, antique and polish in the studio.


And now there came both mist

and snow, And it grew wondrous cold:

And ice, mast high, came floating by,

As green as emerald.

- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel T Coleridge


(Strong colours)

In the Antarctic, where 90 percent of the world's ice can be found, perpendicular cliffs of glacier tongues break off and become icebergs.  Some as large as cathedrals, these ancient icefloes may travel the ocean for decades.

The gorgeous electric blue, turquoise and jade green hues of these giant gliding sculptures fascinate and inspire me.  I have collected beads from world-wide sources to reflect the glacial colours in these designs.  In the studio I hand work warm, golden brass to complement the cool hues of semi-precious stones, glass and crystal.

Each piece of Solitude Jewellery is part of this adventure in colour and contour.